Digital Photography

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The art of digital photography is all around us – on our phones, in videos, and in galleries. But what makes a compelling image? How can an image be manipulated? Which photos grab attention on Instagram and other social media platforms? The sky’s the limit when it comes to the artistic medium of photography.

At Poly, aspiring Upper School photographers create their vision of the world through a camera lens. This course provides students with essential skills for digital photography including learning and understanding camera controls, diving into aesthetic principles like light, composition, exposure, and creatively exploring the art of digital image editing through Photoshop, the professional gold standard of editing software. As they develop their creative eye, they’ll be introduced to printing photographs, making digital negatives, as well as creating alternate prints.

Photos by Elizabeth Bentsianov
Elizaebeth Bentsianov ’21
Photos by Lasse Savkar
Lasse Savkar ’24
Photos by Keelin Walshe
Keelin Walshe ’23